Artist Statement

Birds are universally symbolic of freedom.  Freedom is the predominate theme of my paintings.  My desire is that my art will speak to the deepest levels of human emotion.  Early in my career I painted people.  The paintings portrayed the struggle of the human soul looking for freedom.  In the use of birds, I found that the imagery has become more effective.  The birds seem to have an ability to disarm the viewer. 

I use oil paint and an under drawing of oil pastel.  This under drawing sets a foundation.  Through the random use of lines and bursts of color, the figures take on life-like qualities.  The figures fill the space and find a place to dwell with confidence.  

The birds portray our own inner struggles to find freedom (i.e. the bird set free from a snare).  Some of the pieces find the bird standing at peace in the midst of great turmoil.  It's my desire that the pieces will speak to the viewer and evoke a sense of great freedom, peace, and joy.


Find my work at these Florida Galleries

Mi Gallery - click here for info -  1261 Gulf Blvd. Suite 122.  Clearwater Beach, FL 33767  (Sand Key)  phone- 727-595-0003

Clay & Paper - click here for website - 362 Main St., Dunedin, FL  34698   phone- 727-736-0934

Selected Exhibitions

National Gallery of Modern Art, Lisbon Portugal; Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition (American Drawings); Nevada Museum of Art (Nevada Contemporary Exhibition); Sierra Nevada Museum of Art; Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA; North Carolina Museum of Art (Selected for Museum Purchase and Traveling Exhibition); Virginia Museum of Art; El Paso Museum of Art; University of Nevada; University of Texas at El Paso; New Mexico State University; East Carolina University; Rutgers National Drawing Exhibition; Appalachian National Drawing Competition; Del Mar College National Drawing and Small Sculpture Exhibition; Harrah's Wine Art Competition; Sierra Arts Foundation (Artist of the Great Basin Exhibition); Ghent Galleries, Norfolk, VA; Petersburg, VA Area Art Center; Nevada West Gallery, Reno, NV; 42nd Annual North Carolina Artist Competition; VA Beach Juried Exhibition; Carlsbad Tri-State Exhibition; Festival of the Masters; Sun Carnival Biennial Exhibition (El Paso Museum of Art); Gasparilla Art Festival and many other exhibitions

Major Collections

Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA; El Paso Museum of Art; RJ Reynolds Industries World Headquarters (North Carolina Artist Collection); East Carolina University; Appalachian State University; North Carolina Museum of Art, Nevada Museum of Art and many other collections throughout the US and Europe.





Image courtesy of Claudia Kay Photo